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    stylist 27 JUL, 2023

    Exploring TV Habits in Ireland: 25 Hours per Week and Popular TV Stations

    Television has long been a cornerstone of entertainment and information consumption across the globe, and Ireland is no exception. A particularly intriguing fact sheds light on the television habits of the Irish population: on average, an Irish person spends about 25 hours per week watching TV. This statistic offers a window into both the cultural preferences and media landscape of the country, raising several interesting points to consider. Read More
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    stylist 03 Aug, 2023

    The Irish Billionaires Brothers Who Changed The Internet

    Stripe is a financial technology company that provides online payment processing for businesses. It was founded by two Irish brothers, John Collison and Patrick Collison. Read More

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    23 Mar, 2023

    Unlocking Success in the Digital Landscape: A Deep Dive into Internet Marketing Strategies

    Internet marketing, also known as online marketing or digital marketing is more then just SEO, Web Design and Ads, it refers to the strategies and techniques used to promote products, services, or brands on the internet. It encompasses a wide range of activities aimed at reaching and engaging target audiences through various online channels. Internet marketing leverages the power of the internet to connect with potential customers, build brand awareness, drive traffic, and ultimately achieve business goals.

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    07 Aug, 2023

    Web Design and SEO: Is it worth it for small businesses?

    In the ever-evolving landscape of the digital age, where a robust online presence can either propel a business forward or hold it back, the critical roles of Web Design and search engine optimization (SEO) have come to the forefront. However, despite the evident advantages that these investments bring, businesses often find themselves teetering on the edge of hesitation.

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